Key Governmental Projects

We have successfully developed, installed and are supporting following projects at various municipal offices.

Client Name: Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, South Africa.

Project status: UAT complete and in Pilot phase since April 2012 (Go-live 1 October 2012) The project provides the municipality to track the complete work-flow and details related to each contract through the following stage:
  • Raising a new demand
  • Approval work-flow for HOD approval and budget allocations
  • Approvals work-flow for various Standing committees
  • Tendering process with e-Tendering integration, resulting into contract awards
  • Legal agreements with contractors for awarded contracts
  • Contract/project tracking with progress and payment details.
The software provides various reports and graphs that allow management to know the performance of each department and track project progress in real-time.
The application also interfaces with SAP for the Supplier as well as employee master data.
Client Name: Thane Municipal Corporation, India. (ठाणे महानगरपालिका, ठाणे)

Project status: Live since June 2012
The web-application provides all citizens of Thane to enter their property details as per the prescribed form. The application calculates the present value of the property by accepting following details:
Property details like residential/commercial, Ward/Survey number, rate as per reconner, etc

Construction details like RCC/Load bearing, age or building, floor, road facing, etc

Area details capturing areas of rooms, terraces, parking and open spaces

Based on these above details and complex rule based parameters, the application calculates current market value of the property. It sends out an email to the citizen giving the details filled in the form which he/she can verify by clicking on confirmation link sent along with the details.

The application provides various reports giving the number of applications submitted and verified. The module for verification of data by municipal officers is also developed which can also be used to calculate property value for new registering properties.
Client Name: INTPS, South Africa.

Product status: Phase I complete and ready for Demo since June 2012

This is a product being envisaged and developed keeping very specific municipal management needs. It provides a very powerful dashboard providing the status of various projects and their impact on the target achievements of the goals and objectives. It also helps council to know readily, the possible options of choosing and/or dropping certain projects for better utilization of funds and achieving the goals.

It also provides interface to track the project progress and actual pay-outs made with any existing applications, allowing the reports/dashboard almost real-time.

The management creates a Development plan for specific period by defining the Goals and objectives along with their relative priorities. It then accepts the high level budgetary details where funds are allocated to various departments and sub-departments.

These departments own the projects which consume the funds and provide the target achievements to satisfy the DP goals/objectives. Departments are responsible for mapping the projects with the goals and provide the measurable objective achievements from time to time.

This is a complex application providing complex “what-if” analysis for the DP management and periodic reviews.

Client Name: Pune Municipal Corporation, India. (technical support)

Product status: In use for past 2+ years

The application tracks the property tax for all registered properties starting from DAKHALA Creation, yearly Bill raising till collection. The application provides tax collection interfaces to Citizen forum centers (नागरी सुविधा केंद्र), tax collection Kiosks and online web-application for citizens to pay taxes using credit and debit cards.

The application also provides a complete reconciliation with banks for the cheques deposited and on-line payment collections.

Client Name: Oslo Commune, Norway (2 other municipalities/Communes use this as well)

Product status: In use for past 7+ years

The application provides optimizing solution for passenger logistic. The municipal office receives request for citizens who qualify for free travel. The software then creates taxi trips such that these requests are clubbed based on the rules and more than one passenger is planned and trips are minimized.

The application also interfaces with other taxi-company applications to publish the optimized routes. It also tracks the taxi route status and taxi position using GPS tracker application fitted onto each taxi.